Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign
Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign

Hillel International

Hillel International

Eric Fingerhut

President, Hillel International

Since 1923, Hillel has contributed to the success of the Jewish community by creating welcoming campus environments in which Jewish students can pursue the dream of higher education; by providing the tools to make the right choices about their Jewishness, and by cultivating among students a passion about Israel and its people.

Rutgers University is the proud home to one of the nation’s flagship Hillel institutions. Serving the second largest Jewish university student population in the country, Rutgers Hillel provides a broad scope of enriching programming and involvement opportunities and is looked upon as a model for others to emulate.

Today, Rutgers Hillel faces significant challenges in the need for physical space and they come at a time that the university student body is being subjected to a targeted anti-Israel campaign that is taxing its resources.

As President of Hillel International, I fully support Rutgers Hillel and urge the Jewish community to commit resources to provide and sustain a new home for Hillel’s student programs and activities.

As an active partner in this campaign, Hillel International has secured $500,000 in matching grants to support this most important effort.

Rutgers Hillel is positioned to make a positive difference now and in the future for our Jewish students.

I urge you to help us see this dream fulfilled.