Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign
Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign

The Rutgers Hillel Paving the Way Campaign

Affording a continuing opportunity to memorialize family life cycle events, graduations and other special honors as well as providing individuals, families, organizations and businesses a highly visible demonstration of support for Rutgers Hillel.


Rutgers Hillel provides a proverbial “home away from home” for the more than 7,000 Jewish students in New Brunswick. You can pave the way for Jewish students of all backgrounds by sharing your legacy at the Eva and Arie Halpern Hillel House on the Wilf Family Campus.

Personalized Engraved Pavers

Designs are offered in three sizes on the Eric F. Ross Outdoor Pavilion and on the Ruth Marcus Patt Terrace. These beautiful premium pavers provide unique, permanent opportunities to have your support of Hillel recognized now and for generations.



What is Hillel?

Hillel provides hundreds of free Shabbat dinners weekly…But we’re not a caterer.
Hillel has taken more than 1,500 students to Israel…But we’re not a travel agent.
Hillel educates students about Jewish texts, history and values…But we’re not a day school or yeshiva.
These are all important, but Hillel aspires to goals that far outstrip the services we may provide for our students at any given moment in time.
Hillel’s aspiration is to change the entire world for the better, through the inspired actions of the Jewish People.
We invite you to join in this holy work.