Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign
Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign

Why Should You Invest In Rutgers Hillel?



Let’s just put it out there: The Rutgers Hillel Capital & Endowment Campaign is the most important Jewish project in New Jersey, because when it comes to Jewish continuity, Rutgers Hillel is the most important organization in the state. Here’s why:

1) Hillel is entirely focused on the most critical age cohort in the Jewish world:

  • Young people on their own for the first time, making critical decisions regarding their future and the future of their families before they disperse into the wide world.

2) Hillel is present where the young Jews are:

  • 90% of college-age Jews attend an institution of higher learning.
  • Over 6,000 Jewish undergraduates and 1,000+ Jewish graduate students attend Rutgers-New Brunswick, the largest Jewish undergraduate population of any campus in America!

3) Hillel is affiliated with most enduring institutions in society.

  • The Jewish community is highly transient and mobile. But Rutgers University has been in New Brunswick for nearly 250 years. As long as there are Jews in NJ, there will be Jews at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

4) Hillel builds Jewish Peoplehood

  • We are a state-wide, pluralistic enterprise, bringing Jews of every belief and background together as one and connecting students to Israel and the wider Jewish world.

5) Hillel is a Proven Success

  • In May 2015 Rutgers Hillel was named the most outstanding large student organization on campus by the Rutgers Office of Student Life.
  • Studies show that Hillel currently reaches 45% of students and that involvement in Hillel is the greatest predictor of future leadership in the Jewish Community.


  • Hillel’s focus on the most critical age cohort in the Jewish world;
  • At the most enduring institutions in society;
  • Where more young Jews are found than anywhere else;
  • Our broad platform for Jewish Peoplehood;
  • And our proven success;

Is there any doubt that Rutgers Hillel is the most important organization in New Jersey for Jewish continuity?

What we have accomplished to date, in subpar facilities, is a small miracle. Just imagine what we can do with a facility like this!

With your help Hillel will reach thousands of new students for decades to come, working to lead the Jewish community, unite the Jewish people, and change the world.

That’s what Hillel aspires to be.

Hillel provides hundreds of free Shabbat dinners weekly. But we’re not a caterer.

Hillel has taken over 1,000 students to Israel. But we’re not a travel agent.

Hillel educates students about Jewish texts, history and values. But we’re not a day school or yeshiva.

These are all important, but we aspire to goals that far outstrip the service we may provide our students at a given moment.

Hillel’s aspiration is to change the entire world for the better, through the inspired actions of the Jewish People.

That’s what this building is about, that’s what Hillel is about.

We invite you to join us in this holy work.